Covid Cubbies

A community workshop and collaboration around the idea of shelter and vulnerability in these times of covid.


About this Event

Run by artist and architect Nicole Francois and children’s author Nadia King .These workshops are free to attend, supported by Town of Victoria Park. Adults and children 8 years and up.

Come and join Nicole and Nadia as we draw, write, design, build, play and dream about shelter and undertake a series of evolving cubbies at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts this summer holidays.

Our cubbies will be woven of straw, branches, leaves, rope, paper, fabric and twine as we explore what ‘shelter’ means in these vulnerable times of global pandemic.

Free Cubby Making Sessions (one day | 10.00am-2.00pm)


‘Design and Dream’ drawing, writing , model making think tank.

1/2 hour lunch break


Build your collaborative cubby

Please note: Drawings and other products made during the workshop will be curated into a final exhibition at the gallery for all participants and may be collected at the end of the exhibition.

Participants to bring: enclosed shoes, hats, water, lunch.

Final exhibition

Monday 25 January – Tuesday 2 February 2021

The cubbies made by participants will be retained and exhibited as part of Kent Street Gallery exhibition ‘Our house is made of straw’ running from 25 January – 2 February 2021.

Kent Street Gallery – Victoria Park Centre for the Arts

12 Kent St, East Victoria Park WA 6101

(08) 6454 1803

Nicole Francois is an artist and architect @sunburnt_press

Nadia King is a childrens author @nadialking

Instagram: @covidcubbies

Photography waiver:

I give permission for my child and their works to be photographed/filmed during the course of the #covidcubby workshops and for these photos to be used by the artists as part of the record documenting this project in book form and online (shared through Victoria Park Centre for the Arts).

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