Creative Kids Art Club – Children’s Visual Art

Creative Kids Art Club offers after-school art and craft activities at multiple locations in Perth, Western Australia. Their emphasis is on having fun, learning some art skills and trying new things.

Their team of experienced art teachers encourage kids to develop their creativity, trying out everything from painting, mask-making, drawing, decoupage, and sewing, to sculpture, clay work, papier mâché, print-making and more. Their program changes every term, and classes are designed to enhance children’s natural abilities to see elements such as line, shape, colour and composition.

Phone: (08) 9367 7618


Michelle Culnane

Children’s Visual Art

Michelle has been teaching at the centre for 12 years, with many of the students returning time and time again. She loves the kids and really enjoys seeing the happiness on their face when they are proud of their work. She likes to try different techniques and keep it fun, this way they learn more and can be more creative. 

Phone: 0404 926 381   

Dianne Smith 

Designer and Art Therapist

Working alongside individuals to support them to reach their full potential is the basis of Dianne’s creative practice. Her business focuses on two forms of interaction: firstly, using creative media to enable people to draw upon their internal resources and to gain insights into their situations, to set goals and/or facilitate positive change; and secondly, to assist people to tap into their creativity as an expression of themselves.  

Depending on the goal and issues involved a range of materials may be used including pastels, paint, collage, clay and sculptural assemblages. Dianne draws upon her education as a transpersonal art therapist and an architectural designer to design sessions to complement a person’s needs and aspirations. In addition she still is interested in the impact of spaces on people’s wellbeing and architectural solutions. 

Dianne has a studio in Victoria Park, as well as holding activities at venues such as the VPCA.

Details can be found on her website

More about Dianne

Kathryn Stanley-Hart

Original Intuitive Abstract Artist

Painting is Kathryn’s joyful therapy, that brings her back to the present moment. She paints intuitively, by letting the painting present itself in the brush strokes and marks she makes on the canvas. Looking at the shapes, colours and lines to determine what the painting will be, she never knows what is going to come out! The quirky village series paintings came about from ‘seeing’ the houses in her brush strokes. They tell a story. Now also loving the abstract flow in mixed media pieces, she works in various mediums, mixed media, acrylic, torn paper collage, pastel and inks. She was trained at TAFE in art and design, and also in floristry. She facilitates intuitive art and creative expression workshops at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts and online.



Claudine Lhost

Create Connect Visual Art

Claudine Lhost facilitates the centre’s Create Connect visual art workshops. Claudine has a background in visual art, philosophy and teaching. Claudine began working with people with disabilities 25 years ago, and in more recent years has become more involved in art mentoring, running group workshops and working individually with artists.

Merle Fyshwick

Create Connect Music

Merle Fyshwick facilitates the centre’s Create Connect music workshops. Merle has been making music with people living with a disability for 3 years now, in a one-on-one environment and in open group sessions. Merle has a huge amount of musical experience, having played many instruments and in many bands and recording and producing a lot of his own work.