Victoria Park Centre for the Arts is committed to remain open for our community, unless we are unable to continue operations through Western Australia’s government health advice or staff illness. 

In line with the Government of Western Australia’s Updated Safe Transition Plan, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts is recognised within Sports and Recreation guidelines. 

  • Facilitated or hired events including exhibitions must comply with current WA Health guidelines, accessible at 
  • We are strongly discouraging anyone to enter the premises who is deemed a close contact or who is displaying COVID symptoms until a negative Rapid Antigen Test is obtained.

  • Masks are currently not mandatory under most circumstances; however, they are still encouraged where physical distancing isn’t possible.

  • Masks are still required to be worn within disability service settings.

  • COVID safety behaviour is not mandatory but is still encouraged, and the centre still provides hand sanitiser in the studio and entry corridor and soap in the toilets for the use of visitors. There is also signage indicating good hand washing protocols.

  • There is no current requirement for attendees to provide proof of vaccination to enter the centre. 
  • Thoughtful regard for other people’s health and wellbeing is a must.

For foreign language assistance with COVID information please visit this link.

We thank you for your support and your commitment in providing creative opportunities for our community. If you have any personal concerns or suggestions, please contact us on