In the Front Room 
The Front Room is a small gallery/residency space at the front of the cottage available for small-scale projects and shows.

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘Red’ Matteo Sullivan
Milano – Perth

Exhibition opening: Saturday 22 January 2022, 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Exhibition runs: 20 January – 8 February 2022

The idea of portraying unprofessional models with red hair started in Milan in 1996, motivated by the fact that for technical reasons it is easier to live-portrait them but the interest was also anthropological as the genes of red hair people derives both form Celtic and the Neanderthal. The first five works painted were exhibited at the solo “Blue”, at “Studio Panigati” art gallery in Milan, then the artist decided for a larger exhibition but due to the difficulty to focus on red hair only, he started painting models with other hair colours.

Matteo Sullivan

Matteo Cornelius Sullivan, born in Milan, Italy, is an Australo-Italian international artist winner of fourteen art-awards who exhibited his works in 149 art-shows, including 26 solos and one public artwork. Also a writer, freelance journalist, professor and an Italian speaking tour guide in Western Australia, he is known to be the first artist to invade the edges of the canvas and have been noted by art critics for his wild creativity and defined a superealist as diametrically opposite to the surrealists. 

‘Stay’ Kelsey Diamond

Exhibition runs: 10 February – 2 March 2022

Kelsey is a multidisciplinary artist living and working here in Boorloo. She is interested in impermanence, unsteadiness and the passage of time. Aging found objects are central to her work. During her time at Kent Street Gallery, she will be exploring these ideas through with found object installation, drawing and writing.

‘Stay’ will include a short residence, followed by an exhibition in the front room, and a closing performance in collaboration with a local experimental musician.

‘Dark Feminine-What Lies Beneath Lost & Found’ Rachel Riggs

Exhibition opening: Friday 4 March 2022, 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Exhibition runs:  4 March – 23 March 2022

Riggs will be presenting wall sculptures and collage artworks, created out of found materials and domestic ephemera, artworks created in exploration of the confined home environment. Part of normal life for many women in different cultures, behind the net curtains, past and now very much present in our Covid world. Extending on the traditions of ‘feminine’ crafts and subverting their form to see what lies beneath.

(Pictured: RRiggs, Do you want a dream figure, mixed media femmage, tray series 2021)

Past Exhibitions

Images of Jirdarup 2021 Photography Competition and Exhibition’

Exhibition runs: 18 November – 8 December 2021

For the second year in a row, the award-winning Friends of Jirdarup Bushland are organising the ‘Images of Jirdarup Photography Competition & Exhibition’. Featuring the new category ‘Black Cockatoos’ and with 60 images in five unique categories, the exhibition promises to showcase the natural beauty of Vic Park’s very own Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, whilst demonstrating the extraordinary level of photographic talent in our local community.

Details and photo entries via the website

‘Totem’ Tom Cork

Exhibition runs: 28 October – 9 November 2021

A Totem is a tool that represents something greater. In this project Tom Cork explores how we create modern Totems and how our experiences crystallise in the things around us. The exhibition is a collection of paintings in which the artist depicts how his own beliefs, interests, emotions and memories are represented in objects and concepts.

‘Duality of the Mind’ Mark Stevens
as part of Mental Health Week 2021

Exhibition runs: 7 October – 24 October 2021

Mark’s work investigates the nature of the opposites that exist within our minds and emotions, and how they interact with each other.

Supported by the Office of Ms Hannah Beazley, MLA, Member for Victoria Park and GROW, WA.

‘Resurence’ Nola Gasmier

27 May – 8 June 2021
Read review by Naomi Segal here.

The studio practice for this exhibition is based on lived experience, images and spaces being a springboard for memory integrating the past with the present. In these works, Nola investigates images and spaces in relation to memory. They are figurative with strong mark making and expressive qualities. In an autobiographical context they explore painting, memory, home, toys from childhood and nostalgia in a lyrical and narrative manner.

‘Trash Pixel’ Darcy Crudeli and Megan Shaw

13 May – 25 May 2021

Be willingly led into sensory purgatory. Utilizing capitalist aesthetics to elicit contemporary euphoria. Space choking with discarded materials and intangible pixels.

The separate art practices of Crudeli and Shaw are being combined for ‘Trash Pixel,’ an experience of superficial embodiment and coded reality.

There is no room for under stimulation in the colourful, three dimensional and digital cacophony, the audience experiences a landscape of hyper-proximity of emptiness.

‘Land and Sea’ Henry Wood

29 April – 11 May 2021

Henry Wood has lived and painted on three continents and has attempted to capture the essence and light which varies tremendously from place to place. The focus in his realist landscapes has been on light, shade and the subtleties of distance and atmosphere.
Through his paintings, the artist wants the viewer to feel the heat and the rocks of Northern Australia or feel like they can experience the sea spray, waterfall mist, mountain coolness or rainforest creeks.

‘Tectonic’ Sete Tele

23 March – 30 March 2021

Abstract landscapes via an internal monologue whilst standing on a shaking island. Tectonic is the motion of bodies, the interactions, the conversations between these bodies as they chaotically promulgate an awareness of what is occurring within and without. Tectonics are all around us. Sete is a multi-award winning performer/ choreographer/ educator, whose primary method of artistic articulation is the motion of the body through space. This has evolved to include digital storytelling, via sound and photography.

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