In the Front Room

The Front Room is a small gallery space at the front of the cottage available for small-scale projects and shows, as well as residencies.

Current Exhibition

‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud’

Exhibition runs: 15 July – 23 July 2024

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts with Bush Blossom Gallery in Kalgoorlie-Boulder present a very special exhibition for our 2024 NAIDOC program ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak Loud and Proud’.

Monika Dvorak, Curator of Bush Blossom Gallery Kalgoorlie-Boulder has been working with many First Nations artists from the surrounding communities of the Western Australian Goldfields.

Many small affordable paintings have been produced for sale to provide artists with an independent income and a cultural avenue to keep telling the stories that are often told around a campfire.

Supported by local business Monadelphous Group.

(Pictured: ‘Travelling to the Waterhole’ (detail) by Rob Wilson)

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘Young Creators’ Town of Victoria Park

26 July – 13 August 2024

The Town of Victoria Park is excited to announce the 2024 Vic Park Young Creators Program, specially crafted for young emerging artists. The program is for locals aged 16-24 to dive deep into the world of visual arts, building the skills to kickstart a creative career.

The exhibition outcomes from the program provided an experience of visual arts to build skills for a creative career for the young artists signed up for this sold out initiative from the Town of Victoria Park. 

Past Exhibitions

‘Fikacam’ Josh Wells 

Exhibition runs: 14 June – 2 July 2024
Opening event: Friday 14 June, 5.30pm-7.30pm

Visiting far off places as a tourist often compels us to observe and photograph our surroundings. Yet we regularly take our home surroundings for granted. By working in collaboration with Fika the Cavoodle, FIKACAM asks us to look at our world through the perpetually curious eyes of a dog.

This playful exhibition of works by Josh Wells and Fika is heavily influenced by reading Susan Sontag’s critical essay In Plato’s Cave while on a holiday and, as a professional photographer and tourist, enacting many of the behaviours Sontag criticises. The body of work questions notions of perspective, authenticity and reality in Photography, as well as recontextualising our local East Victoria Park.

‘We were here’ Tegan Jenkins

Exhibition runs: 23 May – 11 June 2024

What is Community Art? What’s the role of an Arts Worker? How can we teach individuals and groups meaningful art practices? How do we inspire people who don’t identify as creative, to make things? Why is this important? Why does making art matter?

Tegan Jenkins, a Perth based multi-disciplinary artist and community arts worker will be undertaking a 3 week residency, involving community participation, to explore the creative exchange between artists and aspiring artists alike. Using instructional performance and guided art-making, Tegan aims to get to the heart of this ongoing, internal conversation, and bring it into the physical realm, into the light, to see if it’s as beautiful and chaotic as it feels.

‘We were here’ is a space to fill, by the end of the residency, we will have been here, and something will have taken place, something will be left behind…

Tegan is inviting the community to get involved – please contact Tegan if you would like to book in a session and participate in this project (

(Pictured: Tegan Jenkins)

‘My World’ Early Start Australia East Victoria Park

Exhibition runs: 3 May – 21 May 2024

Early Start Australia (East Victoria Park) supports individuals with developmental delays or disorders from early years to adulthood. The individuals who attend the clinic have unique profiles of strengths and capacities, each with at least one component of their life that they seek to build capacity in. A goal for the therapists and artists alike is to build a community where capacity is valued through many varied opportunities for community participation.

The theme of the exhibition presented by Early Start Australia this year is ‘MY WORLD’. This exhibition is an invitation to you to stop, reflect and share the unique perspectives and lens through which the artists see the world and their place within it. As you walk around the gallery, you will see dynamic artwork from individuals and groups, using their artistic talent to you show you their world.


Exhibition runs: 8 April – 16 April 2024

Compact, curated by Megan Baker is an exhibition celebrating contemporary local sculptures across a variety of mediums, all unified in their scale of nothing being bigger than 60cm x 60cm x 60cm.

Showcasing work by 10 artists: Ben David, Brighde Silver O’Hara, Effie Windberg, Jessica Mcleod, Michael Miocevich, Nazerul Ben-Dzulkefli, Rizzy, Sam Huxtable, Sarah Eve and Sky Edwards.

Showing as part of Town of Victoria Park’s 2024 Arts Season.

(Pictured: ‘We Shapeshift 72 Times A Day (Codesswitching Deity)’ by Nazerul Ben-Dzulkefli)

‘Journeys’ Perth Italy Painters

Exhibition runs: 15 March – 2 April 2024

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Perth Italy Painters (PIPs) is a dedicated group of artists, brought together in 2019 through a shared love of art and travel. In that year, these budding artists toured Italy with renowned Watercolour artist Sue Hibbert. The group meets most weeks to sketch and paint in the outdoors. A solid bond, individual styles and thirst for adventure keep the group exploring life’s Journey.

The exhibiting artists are Lindsay Foster, Yve Gaunt, Pauline Ibbs, Ellisha Majid, Ingrid Rickersey, Robbie Roper, Felicity Simpson and Doris Strahan.

(Pictured: The Duyfken by Pauline Ibbs)

‘Our Feathered Friends’ John Warwick

Exhibition runs: 2 February – 20 February 2024

Local artist John Warwick is known for his landscape paintings depicting scenes from his heritage in Europe and Australia. In his previous series Birds of a Feather, the artist focused on the beauty and complexity of birds.

We are delighted for John’s work to return to our Kent Street Gallery where his love of the beauty found in creation is expressed from a personal dedication.

(Pictured: ‘Golden Eagle’ (detail) by John Warwick)

‘Blooming’ Jacqueline Coates, Jo Trezona, Diane Kingman, Patty Pearce

Exhibition runs: 22 January – 27 January 2024
Opening Event: Sunday 21 January, 2.00pm – 6.00pm

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In ‘Blooming,’ a captivating group exhibition, four diverse artists converge to celebrate the timeless beauty of florals while offering a unique window into their multifaceted talents.

United under the theme of blooms and nature, and having trained with art mentor and painting teacher Jacqueline Coates at various stages of their journeys developing their own styles, each artist paints their own vivid interpretation, weaving together an exquisite tapestry of colours, textures and emotions.

Beyond this shared passion for blooms, they reveal a second, individual body of work, each a testament to their distinctive styles and creative voices.

‘Blooming’ not only captures the essence of nature’s delicate and intricate wonders but also showcases the artists’ artistic versatility, ensuring a vibrant and captivating journey through their collective and individual expressions.

(Pictured: Champagne Peony, Jacqueline Coates)

VPCA Members’ Exhibition 2023

Exhibition runs: 24 November – 6 December 2023

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The Victoria Park Centre for the Arts (VPCA) Members’ Exhibition 2023 is open to current VPCA members. 

For 2023, VPCA are introducing a ‘Peoples Choice’ Award for the most popular work in the exhibition.

(Pictured: Artworks from the Members’ Exhibition 2021)

‘Drawing Cosmic Mantra’ Jango Pramartha, Paul Trinidad, Made Wianta

Exhibition runs: 10 November – 22 November 2023
Opening Event: Friday 10 November, 5.30 – 7.30pm 

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An international collaborative exhibition between prominent Indonesian and Western Australian artists creating personal dialogues of connection and difference through the process of drawing.

Drawing Cosmic Mantra pays homage to the vitality shared in the artists’ working encounters. It explores the spirit of the times  towards a greater future understanding between Western Australia and Indonesia through their practice.

Curated by Yudha Bantono and Paul Trinidad.

(Pictured: ‘Barong Face’ by Made Wianta)

‘Going slow’ Ellie Biggs

Exhibition runs: 20 October – 8 November 2023
Gallery open weekends: Sunday 22 Oct 11.00am – 1.00pm, Saturday 4 Nov 10.00am – 12.00pm

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Ellie Biggs reflects on slow travel/tourism and slow living, considering sustainable practice, appreciation for nature and culture. The exhibition embodies life and overground journeys both in Australia and overseas through a collection of acrylic and watercolour paintings. 

Pictured: ‘Darwin dripstone’ (detail) by Ellie Biggs

‘Inspire’ Como Secondary College

Exhibition runs: 29 September – 18 October 2023

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This community-focused exhibition showcases the creative educative practice of Years 7-12 Como Secondary College students during 2023. The College’s Create@Como program provides opportunities to develop talents and explore feelings, thoughts and ideas through creative writing and the creative arts. The exhibition will feature Visual Arts, Media and Photography.

VPCA has fostered this collaboration as a commitment to working with and strengthening connections within our local community. 

‘La Perle de l’Extrême Orient’ Tí Nhong

Exhibition runs: 15 September – 27 September 2023
Artist in attendance: Friday 22 September, Saturday 23 September & Sunday 24 September, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Using an expanded painting practice which combines spatial painting with traditional Vietnamese polyptych art and lacquerware painting, ‘La Perle de l’Extrême de Orient’ (Pearl of the Far East) showcases Vietnam’s diverse, breathtaking natural scenery through the eye of a city dweller.

This body of work is also Tí Nhong’s (Little Dragon) debut exhibition and first-ever landscape series.

Pictured: ‘Land of the Ascending Dragon’ by Tí Nhong

‘Baring All’ Configurists

Exhibition runs: 1 September – 13 September 2023
Opening Event: Friday 1 September, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Gallery opens weekends: 10:00am – 4:00pm

At the core of our group is a love and appreciation of life drawing. As an artistic practice, life drawing challenges each of us every week to observe and capture the intrinsic beauty of the human form in “real life”. This exhibition is a transition out into the wider community giving other people the opportunity to view and appreciate that beauty in ways that they may not have considered nor had access to before – observers to our observed work.

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Entwined’ by Michelle Grimwade

‘Paper Royale’ Create Connect Artists

Exhibition runs: 18 August – 30 August 2023

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The annual exhibition of works from Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’ long-standing visual art workshop program for artists working with acute disabilities.

‘Paper Royale’ presents many a creation on paper. There is a broad range of works that give an insight into the art created in these workshops. Facilitated by Rosie Vinicombe and Peter Carlino.

Pictured (from left to right): (Detail of) ‘Charcoal Drawing’ by Delores Purdy; (Detail of) ‘Stick Figure’ by Michael Barker

‘Inside/Outside’ Helen Majewski

Exhibition runs: 4 August – 16 August 2023
Opening Event: Friday 4 August, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Inside/Outside looks with curiosity at the world around us—at the stuff we keep, the stuff we throw away, and the stuff we are surrounded by. These paintings and drawings—still lifes and urban landscapes—remind us to pay attention to the forms and accidental compositions of familiar objects and mundane scenes. The still life paintings, with their intrusions of rubbish and recyclables like plastic bags, hint at the tradition of memento mori, reminding us of our mortality. Inside/Outside invites the viewer to pause and notice the strange beauty of our everyday world.

Pictured: ‘Carson Street Car Park’ by Helen Majewski

‘All About the River’ Muses on Swan

Exhibition runs: 14 July – 2 August 2023

Local community art group Muses on Swan meets regularly at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts. Their exhibition will showcase work from the group who explore art techniques and personal responses to landscape.

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Along the Shores of the Swan’ by Libby Margetts

‘For Our Elders’ NAIDOC 2023 

Exhibition runs: 30 June – 12 July 2023
Opening Event: Friday 30 June, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

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We are honoured and excited to be working with local Wadandi/Minang/Koreng Bibbulmun artist Lea Taylor again. Lea will be sharing weaving works created with students from Clontarf Aboriginal College.  

Monika Dvorak’s Bush Blossom Gallery, Kalgoorlie, are showcasing works from the Dimer family, who they have represented for three generations. The work of young artist/designer Jenae Evans from Laverton Community is represented courtesy of the work of Sabine Bird, coordinator of the Laverton Cycling Project.

The exhibition is supported by local business Monadelphous Group, who are headquartered in Victoria Park, The Cycling Development Foundation, Great Boulder Resources, Shire of Laverton and Gold Roads.

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Waterhole Stories’ by Beige Dimer

‘Wednesday Dreams of Colour’ Oil Painting Group

Exhibition runs: 16 June – 27 June 2023
Opening Event: Friday 23 June, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

The Oil Painting Group meet at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts every Wednesday morning. We are delighted to showcase the work of this long-running collective of painters. The group’s main focus is oil painting. Other painting mediums such as acrylics and watercolours are encouraged to enrich skills and experiences.

The group provides artistic support in sharing painting approaches and welcomes new artists of any level. This exhibition is a celebration of their shared creative journey and our thriving art community. The work features a multitude of subjects, in varied styles and techniques.

Pictured: Oil Painting Group in Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’ Studio

‘People and Places’ Town of Victoria Park Art Collection

Exhibition runs: 27 May – 14 June 2023

View exhibition brochure online

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts is honoured to be invited to host this review of works from the Town of Victoria Park’s Art Collection. The Town has collected artworks since 1995 to promote the rich cultural identity of Victoria Park. 

Pictured: ‘Local Talents’ by Mutsuko Bonnardeaux

‘Shared Journey’ Early Start Australia

Exhibition runs: 5 May – 24 May 2023

Early Start Australia’s (ESA), East Vic Park Clinic is a therapy service for individuals from early ages through to adult years. The focus of ESA’s individual and group therapy services is to bulid capacity to support a good life. Our service has shared the art of participants in an annual exhibition at the Kent Street Gallery for the past ten years (formerly KZ Speech).

Art can be a form of exploration, expression, identity and ability. This year, ‘Shared Journey’ will bring together many pieces of artwork for your enjoyment, by individuals of all ages and abilities.

‘Transformation’ Pam Nichols

Exhibition runs: 14 April – 3 May 2023
Opening Event: Friday 14 April, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Local artist, Pam Nichols presents ‘Transformation.’

Pam’s work is experimental, exploratory and process-focused across 2D and 3D forms. Her work is in collections in the USA. In this exhibition and residency Pam will be developing the work throughout the exhibition period. You are invited to join Pam in transforming trash into art. All materials will be provided.

‘Back Home’ Richie Jasper

Exhibition runs: 24 March – 12 April 2023

This body of work reflects on Richie’s childhood memories of “back home on the farm”.

Richie finds his style somewhere between the real and the unreal, a folk art feel mixed with memory driven imaginations. A tractor working the field shares the canvas with surreal creatures of the sky and underworld, allowing the viewer to find their own meaning amongst the colourful chaos.

Richie’s paintings are created with layers of acrylic paint, charcoal, chalk pastels, oil pastels and posca pen. Often each layer of paint conveys a different layer of memory associated with the scene, communicating the repetitive nature of farming seen differently through the seasons but also as one grows older and nostalgia takes hold.

This exhibition follows a massive loss of works in a studio fire, so there is a sense of grief and letting go embedded in these new works.

Pictured: ‘Animal up the Bush’ by Richie Jasper

‘Janet’ [Lin-da] noun
YODysses 2023—The Art of Living Well with Young Onset Dementia

Exhibition runs: 3 March – 22 March 2023

An exhibition of creativity, self-discovery and identity, while navigating the journey of Young Onset Dementia.

 Linda Gordon (Feature artist)
Linda grew up in York, England and lived above the family’s art shop which may have been the birth of her creative and artistic talents. Upon immigrating to Australia, Linda threw her creativity into fashion and costume design. After 20 years of experience working in the Perth fashion industry and mid-way through her Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services (Costume), Linda was diagnosed with young onset dementia. Although her ability to design and create fashion faded, her creativity did not. She returned to painting and other forms of visual arts as it provided a valuable resource to express her emotions that she was otherwise struggling to release.

With the support of her family, Linda presents this exhibition to raise awareness of young onset dementia and to illustrate that it is still possible to live a full life after a diagnosis of dementia.

Keith Bleach (Supporting artist)
Keith [Artist/Turner] has always had a passion for anything made with wood. As a youngster at school, he learned many basic woodworking techniques which he was then able to use in adulthood with building and repairs around the home in his free time.

In his early fifties he took up woodturning but didn’t have the time to perfect his skills while also running his own very successful business. Retirement came early when symptoms of dementia at 62 began to severely impact his work. He enjoys his time working in his well-equipped home workshop, producing an abundance of varied wooden articles.

While some of his skills are not what they used to be as the symptoms of dementia take hold, he frequently becomes frustrated as things don’t turn out as well as he would wish. However with the help and support from a small group of dedicated friends and family, he continues to turn out some pretty amazing pieces.

He is a popular demonstrator at his local woodturning club, and is passionate sharing his skills with anyone who asks.

Supported by YODyssey, Young Dementia Network WA and Mind The Change Inc

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Yes’ by Linda Gordon

‘Occupy the Spaces Between’ Luke Morgan

Exhibition runs: 20 October – 8 November 2022

These works examine themes of social control, mindfulness and mental health awareness. By exploring the external small everyday forms of social control, such as street signs and traffic lights that shape the way that we move throughout our day, the work aims to draw parallels with how we internally impose restrictions upon ourselves and our thoughts.

‘Those Tarps’ Sete Tele

Exhibition runs: 29 September – 18 October 2022
Artist available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Gallery opens weekends: Saturday 8 October, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm | Sunday 9 October, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Those Tarps project is a workshop program where participants will work with Sete Tele to develop a series of self-portraits that convey their respective sense of themselves in that place at that point in time. Over the holiday period, there will be various activities that allow each person to explore ways of articulating their view of the world.

Those Tarps project has invited young members of our community who have shared their uncertainty, and their anxiousness about a range of issues, to join an intimate group of participants and share their concerns in a non-judgmental environment. At the same time, their respective art works created during this program will underpin their voice, their narrative.

The blue tarpaulins will be the initial surfaces for our young artists to convey their sense of self.

‘Connections’ Adrianna Wasinska Fabian

Exhibition runs: 8 September – 27 September 2022

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For thousands of years, people built mental and physical walls between humans and nature. Nature—especially horses—became the inspiration behind the artist’s practice in Europe and Australia. Reflecting upon and redefining them as a subject, Adrianna transforms the formal and traditional representation of horses. An award-winning artist and a highly trained equestrian, Adrianna has been combining the two through her practice since 2017.

‘the ocean and me—finding serenity in uncertainty’ Robbie Roper

Exhibition runs: 18 August – 5 September 2022

I have a great love of the ocean and I have always wanted to get to know myself more deeply. Often difficult and confronting, my explorations with psychoanalytical psychotherapy can be compared to diving into the vital and rousing waves of the ocean. Connecting and overlapping, I link my inner world with this life-giving ocean swimming combined with collecting and the utilisation of seaweed to develop artworks. My mental, emotional and spiritual health is dependent on this creative flow between exploring and connecting with my vulnerable self. Using my vulnerable self, I can create; I stop, I print using the seaweed collected from the ocean, I listen, I look, I walk around, I wait and then continue to create. This is my creative way as an artist. I am continuing to evolve and find serenity in uncertainty.

(Pictured: ‘Calm Within the Chaotic Flow’ by Robbie Roper, inks and watercolour pencil on canvas, 2020)

Members’ Exhibition 2022

Exhibition runs: 29 July – 16 August 2022

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Showcasing a wide range of subjects, styles, media, and techniques, the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts Members’ Exhibition celebrates the creativity and innovation of artists within our community. It is also an excellent opportunity to expand our engagement and awareness of the vibrant local art scene. Printmakers will be holding their own exhibition in August/September.

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NAIDOC 2022 Exhibition
‘Danjoo Koodjool Boodja’ Two Countries Together

Exhibition runs: 8 July – 27 July 2022

Bush Blossom Gallery is a social enterprise located in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It is a meeting place for local artists, showcasing traditional and contemporary art with a focus on supporting Indigenous and First Nation artists from the Australian Goldfields region. This exhibition showcases a selection of work from these artists. Work by Lea Taylor, a Bibbulmun Artist from the Wadandi Menang and Koreng nations will also be exhibited in this exhibition.

Sponsored by Monadelphous

(Pictured: Collecting Bush Tucker, 2021 by Regina Donaldson)

‘Open Sesame’ David Brandstater

An exhibition celebrating the freedom to create together!

Exhibition runs: 17 June – 6 July 2022

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We are looking forward to this year’s Create Connect show from our artists.
This year David Brandstater will be featured in the Front Room Space providing an opportunity to see a discrete collection of work from the artist.

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’s Create Connect programme fosters and develops artistic work by artists with complex disabilities.

(Pictured: ‘Bus’ by David Brandstater, Drawing on paper 2022)

‘Spirit in Situ’ Roz Notman

Exhibition runs: 27 May – 14 June 2022 (4:00 pm)

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I am almost always drawn to the natural world of flora for inspiration, motivation, and connection.

The connection is spiritual; stops me in my tracks; I feel reverent within its presence and whatever.. (it)… is! …..has presence. i.e., the ancient energy of a huge Figtree growing on Magnetic Island, the stillness of a small patch of Donnybrook bush after a bushfire, the vibrant colours of the Bird of Paradise roosting in so many Aussie gardens and the wow of hidden architecture under the Dracaena foliage, growing in San Remo. I make a humble attempt to capture some of the spirit.

(Pictured: Shy Chardonnay by Roz Notman)

‘Personality’ Early Start Australia

Exhibition runs: 7 May – 25 May 2022 (12:00 pm)

Personality (n.) the enduring configuration of characteristics and behaviour that comprises an individual’s unique adjustment to life, including major traits, interests, drives, values, self-concept, abilities, and emotional patterns. (APA, Dictionary of Psychology).

Early Start Australia supports individuals with developmental disorder from early years through to adulthood. The individuals who attend the clinic have unique profiles of strengths and capacities; each with at least one component of their life that they seek to build capacity in.

The theme of the exhibition presented by Early Start Australia this year is ‘PERSONALITY’. This theme has been chosen to capture the uniqueness of each individual who has contributed to the art-show this year. As you walk around the gallery you will see dynamic artwork from individuals and groups working with the open-ended goal of “expressing themselves”.

‘Birds of a Feather’ John Warwick

Exhibition runs: 21 April – 4 May 2022 (12:00 pm)
Gallery opens weekdays: Monday 10:00 am – 2:30 pm, Tuesday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Wednesday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

John Warwick is known for his landscape paintings depicting scenes from his heritage in Europe and Australia. In his latest series Birds of a Feather, Warwick’s works continue to be immersed within nature by creating studies of birds from around the world. Over the years, Warwick has taken flight and travelled extensively, experiencing every continents flavours and sights, including the wildlife. This series of a variety of birds reflects his journeys, and also his love of the beauty which is found in creation.

(Pictured work by John Warwick)

‘YODyssey—The Art of Living Well with Young Onset Dementia’

Exhibition runs: 25 March – 13 April 2022
Gallery opens weekends: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

View Virtual Tour >

If you missed the opening event, here is the video.

The Exhibition will showcase artwork by people experiencing Young Onset Dementia (< 65 years of age when diagnosed). The event is designed to raise community awareness of Young Onset Dementia and to highlight diagnosis is “a bend in the road, not the end of the road”.

The art will be accompanied by posters, pamphlets, videos and workshops to educate the community about Young Onset Dementia while celebrating the quality of their artwork.

(Pictured (Left to Right): Linda Gordon, Robert Anson, Kevin Clarke)

‘Dark Feminine-What Lies Beneath Lost and Found’ Rachel Riggs

Exhibition runs: 4 March – 23 March 2022

Riggs will be presenting wall sculptures and collage artworks, created out of found materials and domestic ephemera, artworks created in exploration of the confined home environment. Part of normal life for many women in different cultures, behind the net curtains, past and now very much present in our Covid world. Extending on the traditions of ‘feminine’ crafts and subverting their form to see what lies beneath.

(Pictured: ‘Do You Want a Dream Figure?’, mixed media femmage, tray series 2021 by Rachel Riggs)

‘Stay’ Kelsey Diamond

Exhibition runs: 10 February – 2 March 2022

Kelsey is a multidisciplinary artist living and working here in Boorloo. She is interested in impermanence, unsteadiness and the passage of time. Aging found objects are central to her work. During her time at Kent Street Gallery, she will be exploring these ideas through with found object installation, drawing and writing.

‘Stay’ will include a short residence, followed by an exhibition in the front room, and a closing performance in collaboration with a local experimental musician.

‘RED’ Matteo Sullivan

Exhibition runs: 20 January – 8 February 2022

Matteo Sullivan’s ‘RED’ project focuses on unprofessional models with red hair painted from life in Milan, Italy. This ongoing series has stretched from 1996 to 2017.

Matteo’s interest was anthropological, the genes of people with red hair derive from Celtic and Neanderthal lineage. Works from this series were exhibited at ‘Studio Panigati’ art gallery in Milan.

Images of Jirdarup 2021 Photography Competition and Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 18 November – 8 December 2021

For the second year in a row, the award-winning Friends of Jirdarup Bushland are organising the ‘Images of Jirdarup Photography Competition and Exhibition’. Featuring the new category ‘Black Cockatoos’ and with 60 images in five unique categories, the exhibition promises to showcase the natural beauty of Vic Park’s very own Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, whilst demonstrating the extraordinary level of photographic talent in our local community.

Details and photo entries via the website

‘Totem’ Tom Cork

Exhibition runs: 28 October – 9 November 2021

A Totem is a tool that represents something greater. In this project Tom Cork explores how we create modern Totems and how our experiences crystallise in the things around us. The exhibition is a collection of paintings in which the artist depicts how his own beliefs, interests, emotions and memories are represented in objects and concepts.

‘Duality of the Mind’ Mark Stevens
as part of Mental Health Week 2021

Exhibition runs: 7 October – 24 October 2021

Mark’s work investigates the nature of the opposites that exist within our minds and emotions, and how they interact with each other.

Supported by the Office of Ms Hannah Beazley, MLA, Member for Victoria Park and GROW, WA

‘Resurgence’ Nola Gasmier

Exhibition runs: 27 May – 8 June 2021

Read Review by Naomi Segal >

The studio practice for this exhibition is based on lived experience, images and spaces being a springboard for memory integrating the past with the present. In these works, Nola investigates images and spaces in relation to memory. They are figurative with strong mark making and expressive qualities. In an autobiographical context they explore painting, memory, home, toys from childhood and nostalgia in a lyrical and narrative manner.

‘Trash Pixel’ Darcy Crudeli and Megan Shaw

Exhibition runs: 13 May – 25 May 2021

Be willingly led into sensory purgatory. Utilizing capitalist aesthetics to elicit contemporary euphoria. Space choking with discarded materials and intangible pixels.

The separate art practices of Crudeli and Shaw are being combined for ‘Trash Pixel,’ an experience of superficial embodiment and coded reality.

There is no room for under stimulation in the colourful, three dimensional and digital cacophony, the audience experiences a landscape of hyper-proximity of emptiness.

‘Land and Sea’ Henry Wood

Exhibition runs: 29 April – 11 May 2021

Henry Wood has lived and painted on three continents and has attempted to capture the essence and light which varies tremendously from place to place. The focus in his realist landscapes has been on light, shade and the subtleties of distance and atmosphere.
Through his paintings, the artist wants the viewer to feel the heat and the rocks of Northern Australia or feel like they can experience the sea spray, waterfall mist, mountain coolness or rainforest creeks.

‘Tectonic’ Sete Tele

Exhibition runs: 23 March – 30 March 2021

Abstract landscapes via an internal monologue whilst standing on a shaking island. Tectonic is the motion of bodies, the interactions, the conversations between these bodies as they chaotically promulgate an awareness of what is occurring within and without. Tectonics are all around us. Sete is a multi-award winning performer/ choreographer/ educator, whose primary method of artistic articulation is the motion of the body through space. This has evolved to include digital storytelling, via sound and photography

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