In the Main Gallery

The Main Gallery is the primary gallery space with corridor at the front of the cottage available for medium- and large-scale exhibitions and projects.

Current Exhibition

‘Neo-Burma: Chapter 1’ Aaron Seymour

Exhibition runs: 15 September – 27 September 2023
Opening Event: 15 September, 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Gallery open weekends: 10.00am – 4.00pm

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Aaron Seymour has just finished his Master of Fine Arts from Curtin University. This solo exhibition will feature his art and design works that explore the contrasting methods, materials, iconography and stories of his Anglo-Burmese heritage and history. He honours the slower, older Buddhist traditions from where his artistic inspiration springs, whilst experimenting with modern-day technological processes. He has developed a personal process of autoethnography through this craft and finds it very deeply spiritual and practical.

“The process of designing through to crafting has deepened my emotional and spiritual ties to Myanmar, enabling me to connect personal stories to current and past cultural and political events. I hope to further explore how Burmese art, culture and history can be valued in contemporary art practice, and how these stories can take different forms of human interaction.”

Pictured: ‘Imperial Japanese Occupation of Burma [1942-45]’ by Aaron Seymour

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘Inspire’ Como Secondary College

Exhibition runs: 29 September – 18 October 2023
Opening event: 29 September, 5.30pm – 7.00pm

This community-focused exhibition showcases the creative educative practice of Years 7-12 Como Secondary College students during 2023. The College’s Create@Como program provides opportunities to develop talents and explore feelings, thoughts and ideas through creative writing and the creative arts. The exhibition will feature Visual Arts, Media and Photography.

VPCA has fostered this collaboration as a commitment to working with and strengthening connections within our local community. 

‘Going slow’ Ellie Biggs

Exhibition runs: 20 October – 8 November 2023
Opening Event: 20 October, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Ellie Biggs reflects on slow travel/tourism and slow living, considering sustainable practice, appreciation for nature and culture. The exhibition embodies life and overground journeys both in Australia and overseas through a collection of acrylic and watercolour paintings. 

Pictured: ‘Darwin dripstone’ (detail) by Ellie Biggs

‘Drawing Cosmic Mantra’ Jango Pramartha, Paul Trinidad, Made Wianta

Exhibition runs: 10 November – 22 November 2023
Opening Event: Friday 10 November, 5.30 – 7.30pm 

An international collaborative exhibition between prominent Indonesian and Western Australian artists creating personal dialogues of connection and difference through the process of drawing.

Drawing Cosmic Mantra pays homage to the vitality shared in the artists’ working encounters. It explores the spirit of the times  towards a greater future understanding between Western Australia and Indonesia through their practice.

Curated by Yudah Bantono and Paul Trinidad.

VPCA Members’ Exhibition 2023

Exhibition runs: 24 November – 6 December 2023
Opening Event: Friday 24 November 5.30 – 7.30pm

The Victoria Park Centre for the Arts (VPCA) Members’ Exhibition 2023 is open to current VPCA members. The exhibition is now open to entries and artists may submit up to 2 artworks.

For 2023, VPCA are introducing a ‘Peoples Choice’ Award for the most popular work in the exhibition.

Entries Open:  Monday 11 September 2023
Entries Close:  Friday 10 November 2023
Entry Form and Conditions:

(Pictured: Artworks from the Members’ Exhibition 2021)

Past Exhibitions

‘Baring All’ Configurists

Exhibition runs: 1 September – 13 September 2023
Opening Event: Friday 1 September, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Gallery opens weekends: 10:00am – 4:00pm

At the core of our group is a love and appreciation of life drawing. As an artistic practice, life drawing challenges each of us every week to observe and capture the intrinsic beauty of the human form in “real life”. This exhibition is a transition out into the wider community giving other people the opportunity to view and appreciate that beauty in ways that they may not have considered nor had access to before – observers to our observed work.

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Entwined’ by Michelle Grimwade

‘Paper Royale’ Create Connect Artists

Exhibition runs: 18 August – 30 August 2023

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The annual exhibition of works from Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’ long-standing visual art workshop program for artists working with acute disabilities.

‘Paper Royale’ presents many a creation on paper. There is a broad range of works that give an insight into the art created in these workshops. Facilitated by Rosie Vinicombe and Peter Carlino.

Pictured (from left to right): (Detail of) ‘Charcoal Drawing’ by Delores Purdy; (Detail of) ‘Stick Figure’ by Michael Barker

‘Inside/Outside’ Helen Majewski

Exhibition runs: 4 August – 16 August 2023
Opening Event: Friday 4 August, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Inside/Outside looks with curiosity at the world around us—at the stuff we keep, the stuff we throw away, and the stuff we are surrounded by. These paintings and drawings—still lifes and urban landscapes—remind us to pay attention to the forms and accidental compositions of familiar objects and mundane scenes. The still life paintings, with their intrusions of rubbish and recyclables like plastic bags, hint at the tradition of memento mori, reminding us of our mortality. Inside/Outside invites the viewer to pause and notice the strange beauty of our everyday world.

Pictured: ‘Carson Street Car Park’ by Helen Majewski

‘Human/Nature’ Abdulrahman Albishi, Zali Morgan, Ella Van Leeuwin, Tahlia Dunne, Sophie Nixon, E. J. Palmer

Exhibition runs: 19 July – 2 August 2023

‘Human/Nature’ aims to explore the relationship between the human body and the surrounding environment, specifically the ways in which the body is affected and shapes our understanding of place. Through a range of mediums including sculpture, painting, printmaking and installation art, the exhibition will investigate how the body inhabits, interacts with and leaves traces on the landscape.

‘Human/Nature’ will showcase works by a diverse group of emerging artists, each with a unique approach to the theme.

Pictured: ‘Goolugatup’ by Zali Morgan

 ‘For Our Elders’ NAIDOC 2023 

Exhibition runs: 30 June – 12 July 2023
Opening Event: Friday 30 June, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

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We are honoured and excited to be working with local Wadandi/Minang/Koreng Bibbulmun artist Lea Taylor again. Lea will be sharing weaving works created with students from Clontarf Aboriginal College.  

Monika Dvorak’s Bush Blossom Gallery, Kalgoorlie, are showcasing works from the Dimer family, who they have represented for three generations. The work of young artist/designer Jenae Evans from Laverton Community is represented courtesy of the work of Sabine Bird, coordinator of the Laverton Cycling Project.

The exhibition is supported by local business Monadelphous Group, who are headquartered in Victoria Park, The Cycling Development Foundation, Great Boulder Resources, Shire of Laverton and Gold Roads.

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Waterhole Stories’ by Beige Dimer

‘Our Second Home’ Joshua Go and Shengxi Li

Exhibition runs: 16 June – 28 June 2023
Opening Event: Friday 16 June, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Local Perth based artists Joshua Go and Shengxi Li celebrate their experience of Western Australia’s unique natural and built environments in naturalistic painterly styles.

Pictured (from left to right): (Detail of) ‘The Flood’ by Joshua Go; (Detail of) ‘Collier Park Golf Course’ by Shengxi Li

‘Local History Awards’ Town of Victoria Park

Exhibition runs: 27 May – 14 June 2023
Awards Presentation (by invitation only): Friday 26 May, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

The Town of Victoria Park Local History Awards promote interest in the rich history of the Town by encouraging the community to explore local identities, significant events and heritage relevant to the area.

The awards and ability to add to our local history collection mean we are able to preserve the oral, written and visual history of the Town for future generations. All of the entries into the Awards become part of the Local History Collection.

There will be two prizes awarded in each category (Winner $700 | Runner up $300): Personal Memoirs, Original Research, Photographic Memories and Original Poetry or Performance Work.

Pictured: Rosenthal Family, c. 1910. Local History Collection, Town of Victoria Park Library

‘Shared Journey’ Early Start Australia

Exhibition runs: 5 May – 24 May 2023

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Early Start Australia’s (ESA) East Victoria Park Clinic is a therapy service for individuals from early ages through to adult years. The focus of ESA’s individual and group therapy services is to build capacity to support a good life. Our service has shared the art of participants in an annual exhibition at the Kent Street Gallery for the past ten years (formerly KZ Speech).

Art can be a form of exploration, expression, identity and ability. This year, ‘Shared Journey’ will bring together many pieces of artwork for your enjoyment, by individuals of all ages and abilities.

‘Tracing Absence’
Robyn Bernadt, Natalie Blomfield, Chris de Sira, Shanti Gelmi, Louise Grimshaw and Laura Sikes

Exhibition runs: 14 April – 3 May 2023
Opening Event: Friday 14 April, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

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‘Tracing Absence’ brings together a multidisciplinary group of ECU alumni and friends, interpreting the themes of absence, loss and the ways in which absence is made present, through personal experiences, diverse practices and approaches to materials.

‘Embodied’ Louis Everall, Luka Buchanan, Martin Cahill

Exhibition runs: 24 March – 12 April 2023

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As part of the Town of Victoria Park’s 2023 Arts Season, Kent Street Gallery presents ‘Embodied’ showcasing the work of local artists, Louis Everall, Luka Buchanan and Martin Cahill.

The work of Louis Everall, Luka Buchanan and Martin Cahill, references the body as a site for reflection from differing approaches. Through the use of the figurative subject, a fresh reflection on vulnerability, questioning and fragility, is explored by three of Perth’s most promising young artists.

Exhibition curation and design, Matt Armenti and Long Nguyen.

‘Janet’ [Lin-da] noun
YODyssey 2023—The Art of Living Well with Young Onset Dementia

Exhibition runs: 3 March – 22 March 2023

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An exhibition of creativity, self-discovery and identity, while navigating the journey of Young Onset Dementia.

 Linda Gordon (Feature artist)
Linda grew up in York, England and lived above the family’s art shop which may have been the birth of her creative and artistic talents. Upon immigrating to Australia, Linda threw her creativity into fashion and costume design. After 20 years of experience working in the Perth fashion industry and mid-way through her Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services (Costume), Linda was diagnosed with young onset dementia. Although her ability to design and create fashion faded, her creativity did not. She returned to painting and other forms of visual arts as it provided a valuable resource to express her emotions that she was otherwise struggling to release.

With the support of her family, Linda presents this exhibition to raise awareness of young onset dementia and to illustrate that it is still possible to live a full life after a diagnosis of dementia.

Keith Bleach (Supporting artist)
Keith [Artist/Turner] has always had a passion for anything made with wood. As a youngster at school, he learned many basic woodworking techniques which he was then able to use in adulthood with building and repairs around the home in his free time.

In his early fifties he took up woodturning but didn’t have the time to perfect his skills while also running his own very successful business. Retirement came early when symptoms of dementia at 62 began to severely impact his work. He enjoys his time working in his well-equipped home workshop, producing an abundance of varied wooden articles.

While some of his skills are not what they used to be as the symptoms of dementia take hold, he frequently becomes frustrated as things don’t turn out as well as he would wish. However with the help and support from a small group of dedicated friends and family, he continues to turn out some pretty amazing pieces.

He is a popular demonstrator at his local woodturning club, and is passionate sharing his skills with anyone who asks.

Supported by YODyssey, Young Dementia Network WA and Mind The Change Inc

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Yes’ by Linda Gordon

‘The World Through My Eyes’ Blaz Delic

Exhibition runs: 20 January – 8 February 2023
Opening Event: Friday 20 January, 5:30pm – 7:30pm

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Adorning with bright colours and beautiful birds, ‘The World Through My Eyes’ explores the relationship between nostalgia and the artist’s immediate surroundings.

With influences of Croatian folk tales and the native flora and fauna of Croatia, these works have been created with both traditional and modern elements. Ever since Blaz was a child, he has been fascinated with his surroundings, both at home and here in Perth, where he currently resides.

Pictured: (Detail of) ‘Paige’ by Blaz Delic

‘Hidden Treasures’

Exhibition runs: 13 January – 16 January 2023

Head of the World Federation of Arab Fine Artists Australia Branch, Lina Al-Ani happily presents art exhibition Hidden Treasures. Hidden Treasures features the work of many great Australian and international artists and unearths pieces that are evoking, personal and visually stunning.

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‘Return Journey’ Jill Ansell’s Evening Acrylic Class Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 2 December – 14 December 2022

Return Journey celebrates the work of a group of students brought together by their participation in evening classes with Jill Ansell. The journey is a creative one, where artists explore ideas and themes in paint. For some of them this is the first time they have painted, for others a continuation of their practice.

There is a lovely variety of styles and subject matter, but what unites this group is the creative journey and the support and encouragement they give each other. This is the group’s third exhibition.

‘Badimia Country’ Wirnda Barna Art Centre

Exhibition runs: 11 November – 30 November 2022

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Wirnda Barna Art Centre is located in Mount Magnet and managed by the Badimia Land Aboriginal Corporation.

The Wirnda Barna Art Centre supports and represents Aboriginal Artists from Badimia and Wajarri Country based in Mount Magnet and surrounding areas.

Wirnda Barna offers a creative environment in which artists can meet and work together to share skills and knowledge, connect with their language and culture and generate income through the sale of their visual art. Artists draw inspiration from the rich landscape, spectacular wildflower season in spring and important cultural sites of the region including the Granites, Wilgie Mia Aboriginal Ochre Mine, Australia’s largest ochre mine and Walga Rock, Western Australia’s largest gallery of Aboriginal rock paintings.

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts have hosted Laverton Day for the past few years. Wirnda Barna Art Centre is one of the Aboriginal communities that the Perth Laverton Cycle Classic passes through. Badimia have been very supportive of PLCC at Dalwallinu, Ninghan Station and Mt Magnet, being three of the seven nights on the road. The exhibition will also showcase some images from this year’s ride and the Laverton Cycling Project.

(Pictured: ‘Willagarri Rock Hole’ by Elizabeth (Annie) Walsh)

‘Unveiling the Land’ Jade Roycroft

Exhibition runs: 21 October – 9 November 2022

‘Unveiling the Land’ is a body of work that explores the transience of light and life-cycles through exaggerating colour and movement. Drawing on memories and en plein air drawings of the artist’s travels throughout Western Australia, these works invite viewers to experience the peculiarity that is quintessential to the Australian land. Jade’s affinity with this state is intimately tied to its tremendous ecological diversity. The juxtaposition of its landscapes—from lush southern forests to arid northern deserts—plunges her practice into an infatuation with the differences between elements.

‘My Shadow’s Keep’ Paul Trinidad

Exhibition runs: 30 September – 19 October 2022

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‘My Shadow’s Keep’ will include carved sculptural forms, framed works including block prints and photo etchings. The exhibition will also include an installation/projection and reading on the opening night.

Paul’s work references differences in the processing of grief reflecting upon the fragility of presence through physicality and refined processes of visualisation and recording.

(Photograph by: Mostafa Mozaffari)

‘Our Rock Never Dies’ Sete Tele

Exhibition runs: 9 September – 28 September 2022
Opening Event: Sunday 11 September, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Gallery opens weekends: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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‘Our Rock Never Dies’ is an installation work with a structure that evolves during the life of the exhibition. Inspired by the compositional work of the Japanese hard rock band Band Maid, where the band is renowned for the careful crafting of their music. One of their songs was created by where all band members contributed their ideas and accordingly each section of that song reflected each member’s particular input.

Consequently, Sete has invited local artists/makers to respond to his installation. Sete and the artists will engage with each other over a cup of tea whilst housed within the installation. The outcome of this conversation will produce a creative response that will be woven into the structure, thereby adding another textural element to a synergetic inhabitation of the white space.

Our Rock Never Dies encompasses various media: video, audio, written word, plus sculptural and non-sculptural works.

“Our Rock Never Dies Ever. Forever”*

*Band Maid

‘Moths to the Flame’ Vic Park Printmaking Group

Exhibition runs: 21 August – 4 September 2022 (1:00 pm)
Gallery opens weekends: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

The Vic Park Printmaking Group is a volunteer run, open community arts group, that has been operating out of the Vic Park Arts Centre studio for close to a decade. Founded and run by print artist and creative educator, Jacqui Hills, the group has been co-facilitated in the past by artist, Clinton Price and in the most recent years, Renee Parnell of Wrenscape.

The group has grown with printmakers coming from far and wide across the metro area (and sometimes beyond) to ink up their rollers and carve out some time from busy schedules, every fortnight. This little printmaking collective has incubated many emerging artists, who have gone on to complete tertiary arts studies, founded their own creative businesses and developed solo exhibitions.

The group specialises in ‘kitchen-sink’ printmaking; using linocut, monoprint, collagraph and gelliplate techniques with non-toxic inks and hand burnishing techniques that are achievable for anyone at home, with low startup costs. Whilst people come to try printmaking, they stay for the community, as our open and diverse group continues to learn from each other and celebrate one another’s achievements; from the joy of a first pulled print, to our larger collaborative installations, group exhibitions, or broader collaborations with other community creatives such as the Vic Park Projection festival. The group is drawn together, like Moths to the Flame, pulled in by the joy of creating.

Members’ Exhibition 2022

Exhibition runs: 29 July – 16 August 2022

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Showcasing a wide range of subjects, styles, media, and techniques, the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts Members’ Exhibition celebrates the creativity and innovation of artists within our community. It is also an excellent opportunity to expand our engagement and awareness of the vibrant local art scene. Printmakers will be holding their own exhibition in August/September.

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NAIDOC 2022 Exhibition
‘Danjoo Koodjool Boodja’ Two Countries Together

Exhibition runs: 8 July – 27 July 2022

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Bush Blossom Gallery is a social enterprise located in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It is a meeting place for local artists, showcasing traditional and contemporary art with a focus on supporting Indigenous and First Nation artists from the Australian Goldfields region. This exhibition showcases a selection of work from these artists. Work by Lea Taylor, a Bibbulmun Artist from the Wadandi Menang and Koreng nations will also be exhibited in this exhibition.

Sponsored by Monadelphous

(Pictured: Collecting Bush Tucker, 2021 by Regina Donaldson)

‘Open Sesame’ Create Connect

An exhibition celebrating the freedom to create together!

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Exhibition runs: 17 June – 6 July 2022

We are looking forward to this year’s Create Connect show from our artists.
This year both exhibition spaces will be used providing an opportunity to see a discrete group of work from each artist.

Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’s Create Connect programme fosters and develops artistic work by artists with complex disabilities.

(Pictured: David Brandstater, ‘Bus’, Drawing on paper 2022)

‘Jane Li’s Artistic Journey’ Jane Li

Exhibition runs: 27 May – 15 June 2022 (1:00 pm)

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Bird Painting Art Workshop
Sunday 29 May, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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This workshop is sold out.
If you would like to be contacted for a similar workshop in the future,
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Chinese Traditional Painting Workshop
Sunday 12 June, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
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If you would like to be contacted for a similar workshop in the future,
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Jane is an expressional artist known for wildlife paintings and sketches and Chinese traditional painting.

Her interest in art started when she was a child. She has studied at a Chinese private art college under famous Chinese master painters. Since she moved to Australia, she has created many art pieces related to Australian flora and fauna and won many awards.

Jane enjoys going to places where she can sit and sketch/paint Australian flora, fauna and landscapes. Jane believes that creating art is a journey, and that beauty can be found even in the simple things of life. The artist’s artwork captures what the eye beholds and the heart feels.

‘Personality’ Early Start Australia

Exhibition runs: 12 May – 25 May 2022 (12:00 pm)

Personality (n.) the enduring configuration of characteristics and behaviour that comprises an individual’s unique adjustment to life, including major traits, interests, drives, values, self-concept, abilities, and emotional patterns. (APA, Dictionary of Psychology).

Early Start Australia supports individuals with developmental disorder from early years through to adulthood. The individuals who attend the clinic have unique profiles of strengths and capacities; each with at least one component of their life that they seek to build capacity in.

The theme of the exhibition presented by Early Start Australia this year is ‘PERSONALITY’. This theme has been chosen to capture the uniqueness of each individual who has contributed to the art-show this year. As you walk around the gallery you will see dynamic artwork from individuals and groups working with the open-ended goal of “expressing themselves”.

‘Just Like the Movies’

Noor Asfoor, Tabitha Fisher, Elena Rayner, Tarin Porter, Zainub Khan, Nikita Wynne

Exhibition runs: 15 April – 4 May 2022 (12:00 pm)
Gallery opens weekdays: Monday 10:00 am – 2:30 pm, Tuesday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, Wednesday 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

‘Just Like the Movies’ will explore the relationship between fine art and film through the perspectives of six emerging artists. In this painting-based exhibition, artists will draw parallels between iconic movie scenes and current events or happenings in our everyday lives.

Fredric Jameson argues that in recent times, there has been a marked pull towards the past in high art and popular culture alike. He suggests that this tendency towards the imitation of past styles without criticality that he terms ‘pastiche’ is indicative of a reduced ability to locate our place in history. Jameson considered pastiche to be a feature of postmodernism, which describes the cultural conditions surrounding the rise of multinational capitalism. This exhibition will investigate films of the recent past to bring the ahistorical tendencies of works of popular culture to light.

This body of work intends to investigate the deeper cultural meanings that emerge in films that may not otherwise be interrogated. The artists believe that by bringing elements of popular culture into an art gallery, they can create a fun and approachable exhibition that also serves as a space for cultural critique.

(Pictured work by: Noor Asfoor, Tabitha Fisher, Elena Rayner, Tarin Porter, Zainub Khan, Nikita Wynne)

‘YODyssey—The Art of Living Well with Young Onset Dementia’

Exhibition runs: 25 March – 13 April 2022
Gallery opens weekends: Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (closed on 2 and 3 April)

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If you missed the opening event, here is the video.

The Exhibition will showcase artwork by people experiencing Young Onset Dementia (< 65 years of age when diagnosed). The event is designed to raise community awareness of Young Onset Dementia and to highlight diagnosis is “a bend in the road, not the end of the road”.

The art will be accompanied by posters, pamphlets, videos and workshops to educate the community about Young Onset Dementia while celebrating the quality of their artwork.

(Pictured (Left to Right): Linda Gordon, Robert Anson, Kevin Clarke)

‘Dark Feminine-What Lies Beneath’ Rachel Riggs

Exhibition runs: 4 March – 23 March 2022

Riggs is fascinated by portrayals of femininity, particularly, the darker undertones of historical and literary depictions. Through ongoing research and practice, she has been exploring the aesthetic of femininity from a critical perspective, attempting to recognise the agency and identity inherent in women who have traditionally been sidelined and objectified. This theme developed simultaneously in the works of Riggs, using collected vintage wall papers, calenders and magazines for women, whose ideas came together during her residency at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The exhibitions aesthetic is inspired by a recent work that Riggs has created. Riggs has collected pastel pink, shimmery wallpaper and hung it from the walls like a tapestry. She has embellished the tapestry with vintage birthday cards and magazines targeted at young women and girls, which are revealed as the wallpaper is peeled away from its surface, creating a collage that spills out of the wall—a secret world that is found behind the wall. At first glance, the work appears to be a testament to traditional feminine beauty. However, as you look closer, elements of decay are unveiled, and the cracks appear in the beautiful facade. There are bugs on all surfaces. There is a sinister male gaze peering through, and a unsettling caption, ‘dad’, hovering in the space. For this exhibition Riggs will display this series of wallpaper collage and sculptures created from discarded, vintage objects.

Through an examination of the underlying assumptions within the feminine gothic canon, this exhibition will strive to re-introduce depth and recognition to female characters and “female values” that are all too often cast aside, dismissed, or oversimplified.

(Pictured: ‘Golden Girl’, mixed media vintage papers, 50x50cm, 2021 by Rachel Riggs)

‘Loss’ Mark Stevens

Exhibition runs: 11 February – 2 March 2022


Opening Event: Friday 11 February 2022, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Mark’s works interpret the concept of loss in all its forms—physical, emotional and psychological—through images of the human figure in oil.

‘Parallel Self’ Kimberley Mintz

Exhibition runs: 21 January – 9 February 2022

Kim’s practice centres around identity and the self in a post-internet context. Social media has become a lens where users constantly observe others and are simultaneously being observed. Through portraiture Kim reflects upon the self as a contemporary language, constantly available online.

Images of Jirdarup 2021 Photography Competition and Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 18 November – 8 December 2021

For the second year in a row, the award-winning Friends of Jirdarup Bushland are organising the ‘Images of Jirdarup Photography Competition and Exhibition’. Featuring the new category ‘Black Cockatoos’ and with 60 images in five unique categories, the exhibition promises to showcase the natural beauty of Vic Park’s very own Jirdarup Bushland Precinct, whilst demonstrating the extraordinary level of photographic talent in our local community.

Details and photo entries via the website

‘Ngaanyatjarra Lands and Western Desert Art’

Exhibition runs: 12 November – 15 November 2021


Opening Event: Thursday 11 November, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
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The Laverton Aboriginal Art Gallery exhibits and sells art works and artefacts by local artists and artists from several Art Centres in remote communities in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands and Western Desert area which neighbours the Shire of Laverton.

Most of the Laverton artists and those working through these centres are connected, with artists often travelling back to stay with family in these communities and conversely people from these communities coming to stay in Laverton for extended periods.

For most of the artists the opportunity to paint and sell their artworks provides a way of not only expressing and sharing their culture and stories, but also a way of earning some extra income.

An Evening of Spanish Culture
Sunday 14 November, 5:00 pm – 7:00pm
Register for Tickets >
Ticket includes wine, beer or juice, paella + flamenco music and dance entertainment.
The event is generously supported by Veris Racing and Aire Flamenco.
A Perth-Laverton Cycling Classic Event raising funds for at-risk and indigenous youth.
Please support this awesome cause.

(Pictured: Tjawina Porter)

‘Flight’ Designing Women

Exhibition runs: 29 October – 10 November 2021 (4:00 pm)
Gallery opens weekends: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

As a group of textile artists, we have explored the theme of “Flight”. Our creativity can be seen in the variety of responses. As a collaborative group there is a beautiful collection of feathers used to dress a model. As recyclers we have made a vast collection of sardine cans now illustrating aspects of flight. Embroidery hoops show many aspects of flight including the flight of refugees, air travel flight paths and the flight of endangered birds.

Creativity can be seen in both three-dimensional and two-dimensional pieces. Explore the exhibition to identify what flight is depicted.

(Pictured: Dorothy Treasure)

‘Mandalas of Light—Mandalas of Life’ Irena Quinn

Exhibition runs: 15 October – 27 October 2021 (2:00 pm)

The exhibition ‘Mandalas of Light—Mandalas of Life’ celebrates the abundance of mandalas in different forms, shapes, types and dimensions. They are explored through painting, textiles, sculpture, drawing, mixed media, printmaking and even baking.

The exhibition invites the discovery and rediscovery of the meaning and application of
mandalas in many spheres of human life. As part of the exhibition, Irena will deliver a talk on the famous Russian symbolist artist Michael Vrubel (1856-1910) and facilitate a workshop ‘Creative power of Mandalas—Ursula Irrgang’s method’.

‘TEXTile: The Subversive Stitch’ Anne Farren and Joy Denise Scott

Exhibition runs: 2 October – 13 October 2021

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TEXTile: The Subversive Stitch is a contemporary textiles exhibition which presents works that explore notions of identity, feeling, memory and place through the application of both new and traditional textile and stitching practices.

(Pictured: Anne Farren)

Creative Kids Art Club 10th Anniversary Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 17 September – 28 September 2021

Creative Kids Art Club has been inspiring children in Perth for 10 years with after school art classes, holiday programs, birthday parties and community events.

Join us for our 10th Anniversary Exhibition and see some of the amazing works created. Works exhibited include printmaking, painting on canvas, collage, drawing and watercolours created by Creative Kids aged 5 – 8 years and Art Club students aged 9 – 14 years.

‘A Brush with Life’ En Plein Air Perth Group Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 3 September – 15 September 2021

Artists capture a moment in time, telling a story with a brush, paint, ink and pencil to interpret what they see around them.

En Plein Air Perth (EPAP) was founded in late 2016 by three local Perth artists. En Plein Air painting is the act of painting outdoors and is characterised by artworks completed while outside in the environment.

(Pictured: EPAP York Hillside Watercolour—Sue Liddicoat)

(Pictured) En Plein Air artists panorama painting on the Victoria Park foreshore 2021

A Creative Collaboration—in the Open Air

11 En Plein Air Perth artists, 6 full sheets of watercolour paper, palettes of paints and a mix of brushes, stepped up on a chilly early morning at the Victoria Park foreshore of the Derbal Yerrigan, on the land of the Whadjuk Noongar people and applied their watercolours to create a panorama. Rotating every few minutes, each artist, followed on from the previous, to bring their vision to the art work. An experiment in cooperation and collaboration.

View Artists in Action >

(En Plein Air: from the French for ‘in the open air’)

‘Tri-Generation’ John Warwick and Alyce Goddard

Exhibition runs: 20 August – 1 September 2021

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Tri-Generation is an exhibition where vintage and modern meet with a warm embrace. The two different bodies of work displayed were created by artists John Warwick and Alyce Goddard.

John Warwick has been a hobby artist for the majority of his life and has since become a working artist during his retirement. His skills and talent for art skipped a generation, only to flourish within his granddaughter Alyce Goddard. From Warwick’s traditional paintings and landscapes featuring whimsical, peaceful and mostly European flora and fauna (reflecting his childhood, playing within the same jaunt as Robin Hood once did), to Goddard’s playful and colourful portraits of women.

Tri-Generation is the combination of beautifully contrasting works, and is bound to capture audiences in a wide scope.

‘Out of Bounds’ Thomas Goates

Exhibition runs: 6 August – 18 August 2021

‘Out of Bounds’ features a collection of drawings and a video projection that combine to create a sensory experience of a glitch occurring within a video game environment.

Using the digital tools of virtual reality combined with projection, Thomas captures the movement and various perspectives that a glitch can distort. Both works serve as an interrogation of the visual qualities of a glitch through intense mark-making, space and atmosphere.

‘Unearthed: a Journey’ Jill Ansell’s Evening Acrylic Class Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 23 July – 4 August 2021

Students who have been learning acrylic painting techniques under the guidance of local artist Jill Ansell, will be exhibiting their work in the exhibition ‘Unearthed: a Journey’.

The artists have created painted works that are interpretations of the theme ‘unearthed’.

‘From Bush Blossom Gallery’ Rob Wilson and Regina Donaldson

Exhibition runs: 9 July – 21 July 2021

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Bush Blossom Gallery, a social enterprise based in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, is proud to showcase the artworks of Noongar/Yamatji artist Rob Wilson and Maduwongga artist Regina Donaldson for NAIDOC 2021.

Bush Blossom Gallery is a meeting place for local artists, showcasing traditional and contemporary art with a focus on supporting Australian Indigenous artists from the Goldfields of Western Australia.

‘Perspectives from the Goldfields’ Jarrad Price, Michelle Warren and Mel Taylor

Exhibition runs: 25 June – 7 July 2021

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Living in Kalgoorlie and it’s surrounds can be an unforgiving, rugged experience, especially those in the mining industry who face daily stressors such as relationships and mental health.

This collection of works by three established Kalgoorlie artists aims to both highlight and celebrate life in this country, from it’s beautiful landscapes to the people and characters that live in the WA Goldfields.

Members’ and Printmakers’ Show 2021

Exhibition runs: 11 June – 23 June 2021 (12:00 pm)

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Our members have been invited to submit paintings, drawings, textiles, sculpture/ceramics, photography, printmaking and mixed-media works. This exhibition is a celebration of our community and our local talent.

Victoria Park Library 2021 Local History Photographic Awards

Exhibition runs: 28 May – 9 June 2021

The Victoria Park Library hold the Local History Photographic Awards biannually. They are a great way for the community to celebrate and recognise the rich history of the Town of Victoria Park, and in the process be in the running for cash prizes. Submissions are added to the Town’s Local History Collection at the Victoria Park Library, becoming a permanent record of the past for future generations to reflect on and enjoy.

There is a time in which, every two years, that the library advertises and promotes the submission of entries into the awards. Following the closing date, judges assess the entries according to stated criteria in the entry form and choose the winners. An Awards ceremony is held and prizes given. Following this the entries are displayed for the public to view.

‘Art for Art’s Sake’ KZ Speech

Exhibition runs: 14 May – 26 May 2021

The KZ Speech community of children, teenagers and adults from Perth and regional areas of Western Australia have worked collaboratively to produce artwork exploring what art means to them.

This annual exhibition proudly presents the creative talents of this community. It is the culmination of months of individual, paired and group activities which provided opportunities for these young artists to explore a range of art processes tailored to their interests and capabilities.

The exhibition title draws on the philosophy that the true value of art lies within the art itself separate from any other function.

‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ Create Connect Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 3 May – 12 May 2021

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An exhibition by the group of artists that make up Create Connect, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’ visual art program for people living with an intellectual disability. A celebration and presentation of some of their works to date.

With strong connections to Nulsen Disability Services and As We Are for many years, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts is currently running music and visual art sessions, allowing people with intellectual disabilities to explore artistic practices with professional support.

‘A Makeshift World’ Lyle Branson

Exhibition runs: 16 April – 28 April 2021

A Makeshift World is a project Lyle Branson started during his Artist Residency at Fremantle Art Centre in 2019. He began to make dioramas using reject photos from previous projects and other materials and objects that he had lying around the studio. With this process, he constructs dystopian landscapes with surreal figures in the foreground, adding lighting to give a theatrical scenery to the photos.

‘Rob’s Yodyssey: The Art of Living Well with Younger Onset Dementia’ Robert Anson

Exhibition runs: 2 April – 14 April 2021

This exhibition is a collection of abstract and vivid paintings that have emerged since Rob Anson’s diagnosis of Younger Onset Dementia in 2018. The body of work seeks to highlight the life of people living with Younger Onset Dementia (under 65 years at the time of diagnosis) and the struggles that both the person with the illness and their carers go through.

‘Some Foreign Lands’ Shannon Frankis

Exhibition runs: 19 March – 31 March 2021

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Shannon paints atmospheric landscapes that combine both representational elements, such as trees and figures, with abstract mark making within the same pictorial space. Figures of youth in rolling landscapes, dead trees, swirls of paint, big skies and black drips all make up the aesthetic of one work. For the artist, this creates a new psychological and invented world that can only exist in a painting.

‘Drawing Me Back Home’ Kirralea Birch

Exhibition runs: 5 March – 17 March 2021

A return to earth narrative is ever present in Kirralea Birch’s work.
Listen carefully and you can hear the ocean breeze and songbirds.
Her video and photography work are part companion, part performance, and part witness.
It is a portal to a time long forgotten where process disarms product.
She brings her shadow into the light and polarises time with echoes of silence.
A stillness that was once a way of life lives on here.

‘Closed Pose’ Verena Marmion

Exhibition runs: 19 February – 3 March 2021

The works in this exhibition depict the model in what artists refer to as being ‘closed pose’. Physically, this means that the figure is hunched or as their limbs crossing the body. Psychologically, the poetry of the closed pose captures nuances of experience not typically expressed in the classical poses of life drawing. The more common open pose is idealised, assertive, present and direct whereas a closed pose is more introspective, reflective and protective. Open pose is directed at the outer world and closed pose—the inner.

‘Shook’ Group Show

Betty Poulsen, Jacob Smith, Jae Criddle, Peter Carlino, Rosie Vinicombe, Sonja Danilovic, Tom Freeman

Exhibition runs: 9 February – 17 February 2021

An exhibition of new works created during or reflecting upon a strange and ruthless year.

Supported by Town of Victoria Park

‘Our House is Made Of Straw’ Covid Cubbies colaboration

Exhibition runs: 25 January – 2 February 2021

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‘Our house is made of straw’ is an exhibition of the drawings and shelters created in the covid cubbies workshops. These workshops were run by artist and architect Nicole Francois, assisted by Beth Scholey. Participants joined Nicole and Beth to draw, write, design, build, play and dream about shelter and undertake a series of evolving cubbies. The cubbies are woven of straw, branches, leaves, rope, paper, fabric and twine, exploring what ‘shelter’ means in these vulnerable times of global pandemic.

Supported by Town of Victoria Park

A little film piece documenting ‘Our house is made of straw’, a project that Nicole Francois held for children earlier in the year at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts.

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‘Enspirited’ Kevin McCabe

Exhibition runs: 27 November – 16 December 2020

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The theme running through ‘Enspirited’ is the mystery and symbology of the Sacred and the Feminine. The work begins with found images from catalogues, magazines and the artists own personal photo collection. These often quite mundane images are juxtaposed, manipulated and re-contextualised to evoke new meaning, new mystery and new beauty.

‘Images of Jirdarup Photography Competition and Exhibition’

Exhibition runs: 6 November – 25 November 2020

Friends of Jirdarup Bushland invited the community to photograph the much beloved local flora, fauna, and landscape of Jirdarup Bushland, to go into the running to win from a $3000 prize pool.

The exhibtion shows 60 glorious photos of Jirdarup Bushland chosen from almost 800 entries in the competition. Featuring finalists in the Flora, Fauna, Landscape/Habitat and Junior Photographer Awards. Visit the Gallery before 19th November to vote in the Rotary Club of Victoria Park People’s Choice Award!

‘Nature and Nurture’ Ida Killigrew

Exhibition runs: 19 October – 4 November 2020

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In this exhibition the artist’s aim is to illustrate, in a colourful, lighthearted and sometimes whimsical way aspects of life which are of underlying importance to most of humanity, that is our connection to the environment (nature), and our interactions with other people (nurture).

‘Head Space’ Sheryl Chant

Exhibition runs: 25 September – 14 October 2020

“That the thoughts of worry and despair fly about your head,
This you cannot change.
But that they build nests in your hair,
This you can prevent.”

This ancient Chinese proverb forms the essence of Sheryl Chant’s work. Creating with clay enables Sheryl to smile at her worries.
Head Space is an exhibition celebrating WA Mental Health Week 2020.

Sheryl Chant Head Space sml

‘Savor’ Sete Tele

Exhibition runs: 4 September – 23 September 2020

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‘Savor’ is a body of installation based participatory performance works about regret, grief and heartache. These new works have a synergy with health and conservation. The artist sees the earth as being our mother who is alarmed by what is happening to her. The health of our environment and our ecosystem is reflected in the health of the inhabitants.

SeteTele Falter cropped

‘Bali Bali Toraja’

Exhibition runs: 14 August – 2 September 2020

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A conversation and relationship with Balinese traditional Kamasan art masters and traditional painters over twelve years curated by Paul Trinidad.

Paul Trinidad website sml

‘Birds Sing Out of Tune’ Members’ and Printmakers’ Show 2020

Exhibition runs: 24 July – 12 August 2020

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We have all been facing an unseen force sweeping across the world. The world is changing beyond our control which is not what we are used to. Artists provide a window into imagination, understanding and vision.

brown rock small

‘Yeye Windang Djang’ Lea Taylor

Exhibition runs: 6 July – 22 July 2020

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‘Yeye Windang Djang’ (Today’s Old Needle) is a collection of Lea Taylor’s traditional and contemporary Aboriginal weaving. A mix of natural and hand-dyed fibres, both traditional and not so traditional, wood and other gifts from nature.

DSC 0359 small

‘White Out, Wipe Out’ Olivia Jones

Exhibition runs: 12 June – 1 July 2020

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White out, Wipe out focuses on the positivity of humanity, bringing attention to sensations of experience. The exhibition is a development of ideas from a 2017 project ’Lonely Together’.

‘I considered how painting can embody visceral experiences in an abstract manner’. The layering of oil paint and disruptions to the surface physically express this exploration.

OliviaJones sml1

‘Broken Earth’ Nicole Francois

Exhibition runs: 22 May – 10 June 2020

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An investigation in ceramics and drawing.

Exploring memories of a family property in drought, “Broken Earth” examines contemporary issues of climate change on a drying planet. The vivid childhood memory of a seven-year drought is used as a lens to examine our current environmental crisis. Nicole works in clay and on paper to explore ideas of memory, place and loss, demonstrating the fragility of our natural systems.

All profits to go to Bushfire relief.

DSC 0732sml

‘Elemental’ Jane Stone

Exhibition runs: 30 April – 20 May 2020

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Reimagined patterns and colours in the landscape, caused by both natural forces and human intervention, using textile elements of stitch, thread, colour and line.


Create Connect Exhibition

Exhibition runs: 30 March – 29 April 2020

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An exhibition by the group of artists that make up Create Connect, Victoria Park Centre for the Arts’ visual art program for people living with a disability. A celebration and presentation of some of their works to date.

The ‘Create Connect’ workshops program is a recent revival of the long-running workshops that have been held here for over 10 years, with strong connections to Nulsen Disability Services and As We Are. We are currently running music and visual art sessions, allowing people with intellectual disabilities to explore artistic practices with professional support.

(Artwork by Janet Burke)

Janet Bourke sml

‘Victoria Park Gothic’ Greg Molloy, Eric C and Cherish Marrington

Exhibition runs: 28 February – 25 March 2020

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Greg Molloy, Eric C and Cherish Marrington present a group exhibition with a darker disposition.


‘Likeness of the Linear Line’ Jessica Whiteman

Exhibition runs: 14 February – 26 February 2020

Through the use of self-portraiture, how can etchings use a subjective mark to portray the likeness of the artist?

Jessica Whiteman explores how the artist can portray a unique representation of themselves through their subjective viewpoint and mark-making.

Jessica Whiteman DSC 0164 small


Exhibition runs: 31 January – 12 February 2020

Tangent brought together the collective of artists, designers and makers who form an integral part of the Gifted and Talented Visual Arts Program at Applecross Senior High School as tutors and teachers.

Applecross fb 1

2019 Exhibitions

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