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Applications have now closed and the 2021 Exhibition Program is now full.

Please note that formal openings may not be happening or may be restricted due to Covid19 limitations, in line with government advice. If further restrictions are imposed, we can provide alternative options.

The information you will need to apply is in the EOI Information Sheet and the EOI Form, there are links to these at the bottom of this page.
For more information about exhibitions or our Residency program contact our Centre on 08 6454 1803 or


Applications are assessed on artistic merit, emergent strengths, community relevance or novelty.
The Centre’s Artistic Director is available to discuss applications prior to submission by prior appointment.


To be considered for an exhibition all relevant information and supporting documentation must be submitted with the application.

Proposals will be assessed on criteria including:

/ The quality of the work and the proposal.
/ Exhibition’s intent, content and rationale.
/ Any proposed artist talks or workshops in support of the exhibition.
/ Adequate material to enable assessment of the proposal.
/ Consideration of the physical requirements of the exhibition space and artwork proposed.
/ Ability to contribute to a balanced exhibition program where the work compliments or provides variety of vision, technical or conceptual strengths.
/ Its contribution to the local community, diversity and inclusivity.



Successful applicants will receive a formal Letter of Agreement offering them an exhibition.  This must be signed and returned along with the media package by the date specified in the letter to confirm acceptance of the offer. This letter is the contract between the artist/s and the Centre.

If you wish to discuss your proposal or have any queries regarding the completion of the exhibition application form, please contact the Centre at

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